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Paid Summer Opportunity for BMS Students

Are you looking for a paid summer opportunity and is a current BMS student taking a summer course? There is a great job opportunity offered through the Work Study Program during the summer session!

Job Title: Kelly Library Book Sale Lead Student Book Sorter (Temporary Part-Time through the Work Study Program)

Description and Duties:
-Working with the Friends of the Kelly Library Book Sale Coordinator, and the Online Sales Team, the successful candidate will sort through donations for the annual book sale to determine their subject matter and rarity.They will price out donations for the general sale and for the special editions room.
-The student will also assist with the Friends of the Library online sales activities, which include but are not limited to, organizing and pricing the online inventory.
-The student will be responsible for assisting with a student recruitment campaign to encourage students to volunteer with the Friends of the Kelly Library and at the annual October book sale.
-The successful candidate will be constantly maneuvering around the Kelly Library and as such must be able to lift/push loads of up to ten kilograms.
-The student will also be responsible for other tasks as assigned.

How to apply:
Please submit a Resume and Cover Letter to Manda Vrkljan (

Please see the attached document for more details.

Best of luck 😀

Summer Work Study Opportunity for BMS Students


Lily Yuxi Ren
Book and Media Studies Student Association
2014 – 2016

So You Think You Can Print?

Lynch-Dunphy Apprenticeship Program


The Lynch-Dunphy Apprenticeship Program is a 2 year program with 2 positions, one Journeyman, and one Apprentice.  Under the tutelage of the Master Printer, students will learn about printing history and culture at the Printing Room.  The purpose of the program is to engage Book & Media Studies students through hands-on learning.  During and at the end of the program, students will be able to connect their knowledge of printing history with the experience.


An apprentice will:

  • Learn how to identify parts of a press and tools, complete a form layout and setup and operate a hand press.
  • Learn about types of paper, designing images using ornaments, and the history of typefaces.
  • Assist the Master Printer and Journeyman with ongoing commissions and projects.

A journeyman will:

  • Assist the Master Printer with ongoing commissions and projects.
  • Mentor the Apprentice and provide guidance on projects.
  • Provide demonstrations of presses and give tours.


In order to receive an acknowledgement of completion for the program, a co-curricular record and the honorarium, an apprentice must:

  • Complete 3 hours each week for 20 weeks.  Students will be required to sign in and record their hours.
  • Complete two years of the program and become a Journeyman.  Each year consists of 10 weeks in the Fall term and 10 weeks in the Winter term.

An Apprentice must:

  • Complete a project from design to print under the supervision of the Master Printer.
  • Pass an oral test, identifying parts of a press and tools.

A Journeyman must:

  • Complete a research project on a topic related to printing history.
  • Pass an oral test, providing a full demonstration to the Master Printer and a faculty member.
  • Complete 3 quartos.


Upon completion of the required hours and work, students will receive $250 after one term.  In addition, students will receive a letter from the Book & Media Studies Coordinator, acknowledging their participation and a co-curricular record.


Students will be trained to ensure proper procedures are followed at all times.  In addition, the Master Printer will be supervising all work in the Printing Room.  For safety reasons, only 3 people (maximum) are allowed to work in the Printing Room.   Please contact Silvia Vong if you have more questions about the application process.


For eligibility, a student must be:

  • A second or third year student for the Apprentice position,
  • A Book & Media Studies student.
  • Available on weekends and have flexibility with their schedule.


Students interested in applying must submit a statement of interest and a resume to  The deadline for submission will be September 23, 2013.  Once all applications are received, a committee will review submissions.  An email will be sent to students selected for the program.   Positions begin on October 12, 2013 at 12:00 p.m.