Executive Meeting Minutes: December 5, 2013

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December 5, 2013
In attendance: Therese Owusu, Leah Henrickson, Chloe Wittes

Minutes by Leah, approved by Executive

1. Recap of yesterday’s Study Session

  • Room for improvement
  • If we were to do this again: during midterms instead of final exams, keep Kelly Cafe setup
  • YES for next semester

2. Recap of first semester’s events

  • Talking to classes was good – do again
  • Aim for better turnouts

3. Brian Donnelly lecture + exhibition: should we be involved?

  • Yes
  • Leah will email Exhibit Committee confirming involvement

4. BMSSA Lecture Series

  • Keely to provide a summary of lecture + topic
  • Keely to confirm when/where

5. Fundraiser for next semester?

  • Bake sale at Sid Smith: From 11am – when we sell out, Thursday, January 16 (TENTATIVE)
  • Chloe to email Sid Smith lobby booking
  • Gather books for next year’s book sale, store them in the office
  • Continue brainstorming ideas

6. Brainstorming for next semester’s events

  • General Meeting: Wednesday, January 22nd at 11am (TENTATIVE)
  • Games night: Tuesday, March 18th from 6pm – 9pm (TENTATIVE) (Leah to email Jane)
  • Academic Event: Week of March 3rd… continue brainstorming, but NO LECTURES… workshops?
  • Social Event: PUB NIGHT on Thursday, February 6 at 6pm at Mullins (1033 Bay Street) (TENTATIVE)
  • OTHER EVENTS: Graduate or career panel (check with Career Centre) – think about inviting business professionals and/or professors with experience

7. Exec Bonding Night!

  • Brainstorm ideas

8. Journal promotion

  • Email courses (Exec to email their relevant courses)
  • Listserv (Leah to email Jean)
  • Therese to make a poster
  • Next year: announcements in classes, better promotion in general

9. Other business

  • Start thinking about elections for next year’s Exec (look into online elections)

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