BMSSA 2015-2016 Elections and Study Session

Hello BMS students,
Hope you are all doing well amidst this stressful time!
As the the semester begins to wind down, BMSSA will be holding it final two events. 
1. BMSSA Elections
The nominations for the 2015-2016 BMSSA executive council are in! Please come out, exercise your right to vote and support your fellow candidates! Eligibility  to vote is defined by anyone taking a BMS course or is enrolled in the major/minor program. 
In-person voting will take place on:
Monday, Mar. 30
@The Kelly Cafe in the Kelly Library
Wednesday, Apr. 1
@The Kelly Cafe in the Kelly Library
Can’t make it on either dates? Not to worry! Please email to schedule an office hour with a BMS executive anytime from Monday to Wednesday. 
Election results will be announced on Thursday, Apr. 2. 
Thank you to all those who submitted candidacy nominations and best of luck to you! 
***Still want to get involved, but missed the deadline? Nominations for BMSSA Vice-President and Journal Editor are still open until Sunday, Mar. 29! 
2. Study Session (Exam De-stresser)
Feeling stressed and hungry? Reached a writer’s block? BMSSA is hosting a Study Session and Exam De-stresser on Wednesday, Apr. 1 from 11am-3pm in the Kelly Cafe. Join us for a friendly company and free snacks. We’d love to hear from you!
Hope to see you then!
Lily Yuxi Ren
BMSSA President 

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