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Submit to the 2024/25 journal, “tbd”!

The Foolscap team are now accepting submissions for the 2023-2024 Journal! We are looking for U of T creatives who are interesting in having their visual and/or written original work published in our magazine, which we are planning to launch later in April 2024. We are also welcoming multimedia submissions.

This year’s theme is titled “Media: Behind the Screens.” We are investigating how human perception has changed over time, with an emphasis on comprehending the unfiltered reality of artificial intelligence and social media-revealed societal facts. Our relationship with social media is changing drastically, and this includes the use of AI in education. We are looking at the past, present, and future media applications and how they affect research, creativity, and individual experiences.  Don’t exclude your interests when you can bring your media perspective into it!

The deadline for submissions is March 9th, 2024 at 11:59 pmIf you wish to submit multiple pieces, please fill out the form for each individual piece. For written pieces, it should not exceed 1000 words. For video submission, it should not exceed 2-3 minutes.

Learn more & submit your work here.

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