Executive Meeting Minutes: September 12, 2013

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September 12, 2013
In attendance: Caitlin Plainos, Lily Ren, Leah Henrickson, Keely Kundell, Chloe Wittes
Minutes by Caitlin, approved by Executive

Recap: what has been done over the summer, Clubs Fair

– Keely secured Journal Advisor
– Chloe worked on merch
– I did website, will be updated throughout year
– we have an office! Ask front desk for key to office 212, talk to Monda or Remi or Sylvia if any problems
– Clubs fair went well – email has not been sent out yet, will be sent after this meeting

First term General Meeting planning: when, where, what will be discussed

– one per term
– recommended before midterms
– concerns about program, student association
– promotions, talking to classes
– posters in alumni hall, carr hall
– Tuesday Oct 1 10-11 am
– possibly in Carr Hall
– will write up blurb about what we will say to classes

Journal update, led by Keely: Steve Hoselton in attendance

– Steve is new academic faculty advisor for journal
– Keely is editor in chief
– originally called the Frame and the Foolscap, now just the Foolscap
– printing prices are a bit expensive, will try to bring it down
– 5-6 essays in paper of student works
– must be in BMS program or at least in one class to submit
– updated info on website about requirements
– hoping to start accepting students in December, publication by end of March
– need assistant editor, raise awareness about the journal, publicize
– busiest time will be when essays are accepted and need editing
– team will pick top ones
– whats the best way to present them? what will interest general student population?
– possible themes: new vs old forms of media, changing culture of books
– open submissions at beginning of December, close at end of month
– 3 spots of assistant editor position
– hoping to make the journal for free but must check budget first
– essay length: 5-10 pages
– digital archive, potentially post on website
– **put up call for editor on website at the end of this month! submissions close October 31st!

Collaborative social update, led by Therese

– meeting with all st mikes groups
– set date and time and how each group can contribute
– Oct 2, 3, or 9 at 7pm
– light refreshments provided
– location tbd
– medieval thinking about doing advertising

Merch update, led by Chloe

– totes will be received today
– erasers coming soon
– need to work out prices
– product can be purchased during office hours
– honoraria
– shirts

Promoting the student association
Facebook, posters, newsletter, reaching out to 228, 229, and 219 (and other classes)?
– Twitter: bookandmedia@utoronto.ca – must be updated frequently!

– book/bake sale
– bookmarks for sale

Potential events for the year

a. Symposium?
– Kelly lib is putting on research fair next term
– symposium for students to submit academic work and have feedback from peers
– accept submissions, 3 topics, 15 min to present topic, everyone who attends helps to develop topic
– tie this in with research fair, week leading up to it would be round tables for student associations
– must have one academic and one social event per term
– print room tour, Niagara Falls print museum
– “Touring Toronto Printers”
– lecture series

Movie night(s)?
– movie night
– board games night? scrabble, pictionary, do it in the winter!
– career panel or topic panel
– trivia or pub night
– essay workshop
– study session (snacks provided)
– bookbinding event
– CBC tour, ask Mariana about Rogers, communications people
– look into club night!

Board Game

Movie – Thursday, November 14th at 6 pm

Pub – Thursday, October 17th at 6 pm

ASSU meetings posted: Leah needs to proxy + at least one other member must attend each meeting

– 3 in first term
– must have at least 2 exec at every meeting
– first meeting: approval of previous minutes, proposed budget
– October 1, 4 pm at Sid Smith
– October 7, 4-6 pm
– Nov 20, 10-11 am

Rough budget (to be further discussed with Lily)

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