Fourth Volume of The Foolscap

The fourth volume of The Foolscap is now available online!

The Foolscap Journal

This year’s edition was created by wonderful Book & Media Studies students whose dedication to this program and BMSSA certainly shines through.

Special thanks to Editor-in-Chief Victoria Alvarez, 2016-2017 President (and also contributor) Emma Findlay-White, contributors Daria Petrovic, Michael Caputo, Lia Ngo, Jacob Dalfen-Brown, Eric Harrell, and Geneviève Smith (who also designed the covers and artwork)!

Additionally, a big thank you to assistant editors and BMSSA 2016-2017 executives Jessica Turner, Amelia Leung, Rowan Dalkin, and Danielle Meade.


Liana Ramos
2017-2018 President of the Book & Media Studies Student Association
2016-2017 Assistant Editor and BMSSA Executive

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